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Selection of Products and Application Notes

Selection of Products and Application Notes

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Products’ Selection: Please pay attention to load and temperature when choosing the power supply.

 1. Products Selection

    Please pay attention to load and temperature when choosing the power supply. Regarding to power, it is best that the power supply should be larger than the load power. And it is suggested that the rated power of the power supply should be higher than the 20% margin of the maximum load. If the ambient temperature of the power supply is relatively high and to retain the 30% margin of the maximum load is suggested. Ventilation and heat dissipation measures should be taken at the same time. Such as placing the power supply module in the open space, intermittent or additional cooling fans, etc.

Product application: In order to improve the reliability and life of power supply, please do not use it at full load or overload. Generally, low-voltage input (such as below 85VAC) is recommended to use 60%-80% of rated load with ambient temperature about 25 C. Air humidity is less than 85% and the maximum operating temperature is 55 C. If long-term use at high temperature, it is recommended to use less than 60% of rated power of power supply. Specific values are not absolutely fixed. If the recommended load does not exceed 50% of the rated power of the power supply while the ambient temperature is 55 C, which can maintain the product with very high reliability (hint: use temperature measuring equipment to evaluate the temperature, do not rely on skin sensation). Short time and small proportion of full load and high temperature operation have little effect on reliability and life. For example, if the full load lasts less than 1 minute or half a minute and the interval is more than 10 minutes, while the load is less than 15% of the rated load during the interval, then it is possible to run at 55 C.


Safe Use Warning:

Since the base plate (bare plate) series does not have a shell, the input is 24V-220V/380V AC / DC. And the input pins and corresponding terminals of the module are directly connected with the input high voltage. Please pay more attention to prevent short circuit between shock and metal, and ensure that the power supply is disconnected before any touch.


2. Requirements for Load Using Multiplex Output Power Supply

Commonly, the voltage accuracy of multi-output power supply output:  the nominal value of main output is ± 1% and the nominal value of secondary output is ± 5%-10%. The first output of the power supply is the main circuit, and the others is the secondary circuit. The voltage accuracy and carrying capacity of the main circuit are higher than those of the secondary circuit. Therefore, the current and voltage accuracy requirements should be highly chosen. And the ratio of each current is 50-100%. The secondary circuit should not be loaded separately under no-load condition. Otherwise, the secondary circuit voltage is too low to be used normally. In addition, if the main circuit load is full and the secondary circuit load is light, the secondary circuit voltage may rise, otherwise the secondary circuit voltage will decrease. At the meanwhile, it has little effect on reliability and life.